VIDEO – Rep. Allen West on Fight to Avoid Defense Cuts After Super Committee Failure – Americas Newsroom

Congressman Allen West joined America’s Newsroom to explain why he’ll fight to prevent cuts to defense spending after the Super Committee’s failure to reach a compromise. Part of the $1 trillion in automatic spending cuts triggered when they failed to reach a deal will come from cuts in military spending.

West said, “The primary role and responsibility of the federal government is to protect the American people. Therefore, we need to make sure that we do have a strong defense.”

When asked how he balances his belief in the need for defense spending with pressure from his Tea Party supporters to cut spending in general, West said, “I think we also have to look at many different government agencies, failed, duplicative programs. Let’s start looking at the subsidies that we have coming out of the Department of Agriculture. Why do we have a Department of Commerce when we have a U.S. Chamber of Commerce? A Department of Energy that was created some 40 years ago to make the United States of America energy independent, but yet our dependency on foreign energy sources have increased from 18 to 66 percent.“



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