House Has Passed 22 Bipartisan Jobs Bills, & Counting

On ABC’s This Week, Speaker Boehner highlighted the 22 bipartisan House-passed jobs bills that would remove government barriers to job growth (by stopping unnecessary regulations, preventing tax hikes on small businesses, and more) but remain stalled in the Democrat-controlled Senate. Instead of more of the same failed ‘stimulus’ spending, these bills – all part of the Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators – free job creators from government obstacles that prevent them from hiring new workers. Watch Speaker Boehner’s interview and learn more about the House-passed jobs bills below:

Bipartisan House-Passed Jobs Bills Free Job Creators from Excessive Government Regulations, Tax Hikes, More Failed ‘Stimulus’ Spending

  • On ABC, Speaker Boehner said Washington has “done all this ‘stimulus’ spending in the last couple of years and, clearly, it has not worked.” Instead of more ‘stimulus’ spending, higher taxes, and more needless regulations, the GOP jobs plan removes government barriers to job creation.
  • Job creators spoke out in favor of four bipartisan jobs bills in testimony to Congress last week, arguing that if they became law these small businesses could begin hiring “immediately.”
  • Speaker Boehner suggested this kind of approach to creating jobs and repairing infrastructure by expanding energy production (as opposed to more failed ‘stimulus’ spending or earmarks – which the House has banned) in his September address on “Liberating America’s Economy.”

President Obama Stays Disengaged as Democrat-Controlled Senate Stalls Bipartisan House-Passed Jobs Bills

  • Speaker Boehner said “there is no reason – not one – for Senate Democrats to delay action on these bills any longer and that the president should urge them to act. “It is unacceptable for the White House to be anything less than 100 percent engaged in the legislative process,” he said.

Latest Jobs Report Shows “Troubling Long-Term Unemployment Trends,” Shows Need for GOP Jobs Plan

  • President Obama said last week the country is “better off now” under his failed ‘stimulus’ policies than it was four years ago, to which Speaker Boehner responded: “Are you kidding me?
  • Speaker Boehner’s economic policy advisor examined the latest unemployment report  to see whether Americans are really “better off now” under the administration’s ‘stimulus’ policies.
  • The analysis also found “disproportionately high unemployment for minorities, teens and those 55 and older, as well as troubling long-term unemployment trends.” Read more.
  • And an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal says the “tsunami” of new government regulations is making things worse, “paralyzing” investment needed for job creation and economic growth.


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