Throwing them ALL under the bus, the division of the United States of America – by Tanya Grimsley

Here it comes friends, my second attempt at a blog article. I am praying for clarity as I write this.

My heart is aching terribly for my fellow Americans and this great nation. The United States of America. I am an avid social networker and socially active on all levels in supporting the re-election of Congressman Allen West to Florida’s Congressional District 22. I frequent many websites, blogs, social networks and twitter daily. This is why I have sat down tonight to complete the thoughts and feelings running through my mind.

I have friends all over the social networks. Everyone has their own agenda’s, their own candidates, their own priorities and their own style’s. As I watch the twitter feed scroll by at mach two speed I see and read things  just like everyone else. What I am looking for is information. The information to make a sound decision as We The People are vetting candidates for the GOP to run up against Barack Hussein Obama.

Despite the best intentions by some people who are actively helping people obtain the information they desire about candidates, there are those who use the opportunity to tear down not only the candidate, but also the person who is trying to educate and inform him or herself. The idea of vetting our candidates before we elect them was established a long time ago and for good reason. It’s a process of examination and evaluation, generally referring to performing a background check on someone before offering him or her employment. Considering this is the highest office of employment to hold, it’s probably a good idea, not to mention our 44th selection was never vetted and thus we have arrived here. I could tell you all the things wrong with our country, but you already know. This could be a bash Obama blog, but nope, not going there either. I just want to say a few things that are important to me as a free citizen of the United States of America.

One, we can all maintain ourselves, most everyone actively involved are adults. Contrary to popular opinion, just because you like TYPE A candidate and your facebook buddy likes TYPE B doesn’t mean you can’t engage in civil conversations and or discussions about them both without losing a friendship. The primaries will be going on for a while, information, debates and histories of each candidate is readily available at the touch of a “google” prompted search. If you don’t feel confident enough to believe what your reading, then ask around, engage in healthy debates.

Two, each candidate currently running to get the glory of running up against Barrack Hussein Obama is one hundred percent more qualified then he is at this stage in his presidency. Yes, we all want to know the voting records (if applicable), the on the job performances, the financial aspects, qualifications and more for each one of the candidates. But, at what point do you cross the line from being helpful, informative and actively having civil conversations to bashing each others candidates in favor of yours? When did the freedom to choose out of free will did your opinion become that of another United States Citizen? Here is my point, if your actively representing the candidate you feel would be the most qualified to run for President (or any office), how in the world are you helping represent that person by being condescending? Is it that difficult to be civil to another person who may not have the same points of view?

Third, there is no such thing as a “perfect” person, none, zip, zilch, zero. Jesus Christ is the only known perfect person and he is not running for office, he truly holds the highest office and to this I am eternally grateful. So, if there is no such thing as a perfect person where is this “throwing them all under the bus” mentality coming from? Is this helping the conservative cause? Is this helping those needing help in smaller, home town type elections to be a rising force in say, US Congress, US Senate, Governor, Mayor, etc..? I ask each and every one of you reading this to stand back, take a deep breath and realize, people make mistakes, people have pasts, people don’t always make the best decision, or cast the perfect vote. People are human beings that make errors, but we must turn the other cheek, stand up, dust them off, find the strongest of the bunch, give them all the support they could ever ask for and place the person at the forefront of whatever election they are a part of.

Finally, take a look at the new up and coming faces for the 2012 Elections, support them, give them grassroots, social network support. The key to helping change things starts one tiny step at a time and it starts right in your own districts. Quit infighting, quit bashing one another, stop digging up all the dirt and skeletons from the past and work towards the common goal. So what if Suzy may not like your candidate choice, but you can remain friends and support your own personal choices up until the election, because, and hear me well, one of them will win, then you must unite to defeat the opposing party. Throwing each others candidates under the bus, mudslinging and the uncivility must stop within our party and we must get actively involved for the common goals we seek. The division of The United States of America is not an option for me, I pray that with all that is in me that you will see the danger and avoid it. If you were doing it, stop it. Unite this party, stand arm in arm with your neighbors and let’s get to 2012 together as friends and fellow American’s.

Thanks for listening,

Tanya Grimsley,

Actively Supporting All Patriot Candidates in 2012 & Standing by & Supporting the Re-Election of Congressman Allen West of Florida

11 responses to “Throwing them ALL under the bus, the division of the United States of America – by Tanya Grimsley

  1. I agree completely Tanya! The mudslinging must stop. “When you dish dirt you lose ground” and we are digging ourselves a grave if we don’t pull together as a team to win the 2012 election!

  2. Well said Tanya! Ultimately we can agree to disagree but in the end we all have the same goal, to ensure that the current incumbent is a one-termer.

  3. Excellent article Tanya. We need to stop all the bickering and squabbling over the GOP candidates and unite behind the strong horse that eventually emerges to challenge Barack Hussein Obama in 2012.

    You are a natural blogger !

  4. I was given permission to post this by I person who shall remain nameless. This is the 6th communication I have had from former volunteer’s from Teabook.
    I am not very adept to the navigation of facebook so this thank you is late due to such.
    Thank you for your post on the mudslinging issue on Teabook. I ws a moderator there for over a year and joined in April 2010 when it was in it’s infancy and resigned last Saturday night for reason I did not like the direction it was heading into. I agree Vetting is one thing casting dispursion on other candidates such as 999 upside down is 666 is another. Turning the site into a campaign site for one candidate is not what Teabook was supposed to be about. My positon as well as others was to see who would win the RNC convention nomination and then get our forces out in support of this candidate. Yes we all are not happy with the Republican party, never the less it is what we have to work with until the Tea Party has the ammuntion (just an expression) to launch their own candidate.
    Bottom line as you basiclly stated in your blog is if these fools on the web and those campaigning for the office of president keep bashing the other candidates then the winner of the RNC will him/her self will not be electable.
    If we do not back the Republican candidate with our votes regaardless of being Indepentant, Republican, Conservative Christian Party, Libertarian … then all will be lost unless we can gain the Senate while keeping the House. A vote for other than the Republican Nominee will in all reality be a vote flushed down a toilet due to splitting the Conservative vote. Obama win and America is lost.
    With the loss of our Second Amendment Rights it goes without saying is the loss of all right of freedom.
    Keep swinging away Tanya you are a true Patriot who is in this fight for other than personal gain.
    Semper Vigilantes

  5. We need to spread the word and quickly, DRAFT ALLEN WEST FOR PRESIDENT 2012
    Everything Allen West says we need in a leader is HIM, This country needs it dignity back and Allen West is a true Hero, with the knowledge, strength and integrity we need to save this country.
    Allen West says that if God calls him to service he will comply…God has been working through us to encourage him to run.
    Time is of the essence, Allen West needs to step up to the plate by October 31st or WE need to Draft him like we did with Washington and Eisenhower, Like both Leaders, West feels he is not ready. This country needs him and he is in fact more than ready !

    Ways to help :

    Call his offices and leave messages to encourage him to run :

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    Email Form
    Fort Lauderdale
    6300 NE 1st Avenue – Suite 100
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
    Phone: (954) 202-6211
    Fax: (954) 202- 6212

    West Palm Beach
    3111 South Dixie Highway, Suite 308
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    Phone: (561) 655-1943
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    Sign the Petition to Draft West for President !

    We need everyone to call all his offices today, sign the petition and repost this everywhere, Please !!

  6. Tanya,

    Thank you for taking your time and writing a great article in support of our great country. I agree educating, informing, and engaging we the people will be the difference in getting our country back on our founder’s path to peace and prosperity.
    As I tweet daily, write articles and books, it is my hope that people will soon learn and know the difference between what works versus what merely sounds good: our children and our country’ future are at stake.

    Janie johnson (@jjauthor on twitter)