A declaration of war against the liberals – by Barbara Howard AWESOME Herman Cain and Allen West

by Barbara Howard

I am really tired of liberals imposing their positions on the entire black community. I’m tired of them calling black Republicans demeaning and ugly names and getting away with it. Maxine Waters told the Tea Party “go to hell” and called them “the enemy” and nobody said a word.

 For eight years, Roland Martin, David Letterman, Janeane Garofalo and a host of other liberal commentators and comedians on CNN, MSNBC, etc., called George W. Bush “Hitler,” murderer and anything else they could think of and got away with it.  Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte applauded Hugo Chavez for calling Bush “El Diablo” (The Devil).

Hank Williams Jr. called President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden “the enemy” and got canned from ESPN.  Republican Congressman Fred Grandy was fired from Washington radio WMAL for criticizing radical Muslims.

And that happens all the time.

Worse, liberals say very hateful things about black Republicans, especially those who run for political office, including the presidency and Congress, and nobody thinks they should be punished.

In fact, most of my liberal friends think these things are so funny they send the e-mails around and laugh about it and call us more ugly names.

Just recently, Martin, a CNN commentator, and comedians D.L. Hughley and Michael Colyar tweeted very racist and ugly messages about Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

This has got to stop.

The Rev. Wayne Perryman filed a lawsuit because he wants Democrats to apologize for more than 200 years of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation and more than 40 years on the Democratic Plantation, up to and including 2011.  I want the same thing to happen to people like Martin and Hughley that the Rev.  Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton have decided must happen to any Republican who says anything they don’t like: I want them to lose their jobs.

Yes. Every time someone says something these commentators don’t like, they take away these people’s jobs, their ability to care for their families, their right to free speech. Yet, Sharpton, Martin and every other liberal can say anything they want and they suffer nothing, absolutely nothing.

Is that fair? Is it right?

Cain is a decent, wonderful man and, after meeting him and talking with him, I knew I would support his campaign, just as I supported Allen West, after talking with him, when he was running for Congress. Both of them espouse the same policies and issues that are dear to me and my family. In fact, they espouse the same principles that most black folk I know hold dear. We just disagree on how to accomplish them. Yet, liberals vilify both of them.

During the last campaign, the Florida Democratic Party sent West’s Social Security number to more than 60,000 people, causing his wife to lose one of her oldest and most lucrative clients and their eldest daughter to lose a college scholarship.


4 responses to “A declaration of war against the liberals – by Barbara Howard AWESOME Herman Cain and Allen West

  1. Blacks, and most Americans, don’t know the truth… not that they can’t access it, it’s just that they don’t care- as long as it’s not getting in the way of their fun… They start feeling their fun encroached on, then they will start speaking up. In these times, I see that most people are in a ‘spiritual coma’… they couldn’t see the truth if they wanted to… BUT… this is the linchpin of the Left’s power base- and it’s the template of how they get most of their agends through… bleeding-heart crap, then blackrobed papal bulls… If America were ever to get rid of the race-baiters, we would be on the track to getting our nation back… unfortunately, that doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen… aside from America returning to God, we are GONERS.

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