Why I continue my steadfast and loyal stand with Congressman Allen West

by Tanya D. Grimsley

I have never blogged a day in my life. I have written many comments on Facebook, Twitter, Google and many other social networks. I have never felt like I could truly articulate anything that I had to say and make it something worth reading. Bare with me friends, this is a new road for me to travel down and I speak and feel with high emotion about very few things. They are, God, Family, Country, Our Military and Congressman Allen West of Florida’s Congressional District 22.

I found a voice one day inside myself not wanting to be silent anymore. I had approximately 49 Facebook friends and a desire to learn more. You see, after listening to Glenn Beck say it so many times “Do the research” and Sarah Palin standing up for us little folks I realized I have this voice, this passion, this desire to want to do more for my family, my country, my fellow American’s. But how? I was so afraid to accept friendship requests or branch out and try anything new but I had to start somewhere. I would post an occasional news article and then sit and wait for someone to get upset about what I posted. I sometimes went as far as to immediately delete the post out of worry.

Then I met a wonderful friend by the name of Mark Bonner on Facebook. Mark’s love for this country, his passion, desires and messages are crystal clear to all who know him. I began to feed off of everything he did. The style, the presentations, the class act that he personifies in everything he does. I was hooked, I wanted to be just like him. I wanted to know all of his friends and to be friends with them. Mark’s following of grassroots, God fearing patriots lead me to some of the most incredible friendships a girl could ever ask for. Mark and I have a mutual friend John Swetland, that  ignited us daily to get our friends motivated by passing along fantastic articles and information on a little known (then) potential congressional candidate out of Florida, Congressman Allen B. West, retired US Army LTC. Then came the video that would rock my little conservative heart to the core.

It is 5 minutes and 59 seconds worth of truths.

Please understand, I never wanted to engage in political discussions with anyone. I didn’t feel strong enough to say the things I wanted to say. So little by little I would get more information on Allen West and between Mark Bonner, John Swetland and a few other Facebook friends we started to put his message out on the world wide web. People were astounded, amazed, proud, thankful and most of all they were willing to take the extra step and share with their friends.

This is how a (Ret) (LTC) can get elected to US Congress. Social Networking, solid grassroots patriots willing to take a step forward, stand up, share the message. You don’t need to cower because of friends you may offend, or you may not want to have “that political discussion” with. You, as an American, must be true to you. What matters to you? How much does it really mean? Will you stand down and only share and promote certain things to certain people? Will you shout it from the highest mountain top that you mean what you say and it’s okay to lose a few friends in the process because you gained respect from the ones that agreed.

I have a desire to get up every day because of my 21 and 6 year old sons. I can maintain my daily life, no matter what road I am going down because of my Lord and Savior. I don’t live in a nice house or a good neighborhood. I don’t have a two family income, health insurance or all the things that most of you have as a reason to fight for the “right” side. I should be fighting the fight for the other side. I choose not too because I know the difference in right and wrong. Rep Allen West states clearly “promote the general welfare, not provide welfare.”

I have finally found my drive, you know, the one that gets your motor running. The motivation that helps take the car out of neutral. Congressman Allen West, Florida CD22. My days are spent spreading his brand of conservatism, his schedules, his messages to those American Patriots who desire to want this great nation back to it’s original foundations. Congressman Allen West personifies true grassroots Statesmanship.

Thank you for taking the time to read my very first blurb/blog. I hope and pray that you will “do the research” find your voices, get to the root of what gets your car into “drive” and make things happen across this nation. I believe we all have it inside of us, we just have to start the engine.

You can find me on twitter: @luvGodncountry

Join Me, John Swetland, Adam Wilhoit, Leslie Burt, Gloria Wilhoit, Gilleigh McLain, Andrea Plescia, Diane Sori, Robin Neuforder and a nation of supporters at the Facebook group Allen West Republic read all about what we are doing to change the course of this great ship America. 

7 responses to “Why I continue my steadfast and loyal stand with Congressman Allen West

  1. That was beautiful dear Tanya. You are an inspiration… and I bet you don’t know it.
    Thank you for all that you do.

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