Congressman Allen West speaks to Coconut Creek residents – national debt, education, Israel

Alyssa Cutter

What does the United States’ national debt, education and Israel have in common? They were all topics that Congressman Allen West talked about in his Town Hall meeting in Coconut Creek on Sept. 27.

West spoke to a crowd of about 200 about the need to stop the excessive spending in Washington and how new business regulations were going to hurt small businesses.

“We cannot continue to go down this road of more government spending. In July, federal government set down 600 new regulations that will cause small business and companies anywhere up to about 10 billion dollars to become compliant,” West said. “The [Environmental Protection Agency] is looking to hire 230,000 new regulators that will cost the American taxpayers about $21 billion with all of these new regulations they’ve been sending down over the last couple of years. We’re going in the wrong direction.”

Many in the audience agreed with West when he talked about how the education system in America wasn’t what it should be. He proposed partnerships between schools and professionals in the workforce for good students to get apprenticeships in a field.


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