Code Pink Protest’s 10K Run Benefiting WOUNDED WARRIORS – Rep Allen West

Congressman Allen West Facebook page notes from today’s 10k for Wounded Warriors.

“Finished running Army 10 Miler today and unofficial time was 1 hr 29 mins and change, great seeing many old friends and former bosses. However, what struck me as shameful was Code Pink being out on the run course protesting. There were many Wounded Warriors doing the wheelchair race and running with their prosthetic devices. Perhaps Code Pink does not realize that those “Army Strong” men and women make it possible for them to stand on Independence Ave and demean their service, sacrifice, and commitment…….Land of the Free because we are the Home of the Brave!” Army Strong!”

SHAMEFUL <— these are MY WORDS, not Allen West’s

3 responses to “Code Pink Protest’s 10K Run Benefiting WOUNDED WARRIORS – Rep Allen West

    • Amen, Gina!! Congressman West, ANSWER THE CALL…your country calls you to DUTY!!! Remember, George Washington did NOT want to be President, either, but he DID IT for his COUNTRY!! Our country is in dire straights, and we NEED YOU, not as Congressman, but as President of the United States!! How many more people have to implore you? Palin is NOT running…so for God and country, Congressman West, you’ve run the Army 10 miler…now RUN FOR PRESIDENT FOR YOUR COUNTRY, PLEASE!!!!!!!

  1. Pathetic- Brave American’s blood spilled defending vile cowardly leeches. Oh- was that harsh?
    “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”
    — George Orwell