Congressman Allen West response on Should Congress privatize the Postal Service?


“I don’t support this particular legislation because it does not offer structural reform, leaving the postal service in the same desperate financial position once the money runs out,” Rep. Allen West, R-Florida said. “I believe shifting pension payments from the postal service to the American taxpayer is a bailout, and is a band aid solution.”


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Still, even if Congress gives the Postal Service the relief to avoid the layoffs this year, the agency must make changes to become more efficient and continue to be self supporting. The volume of mail has dropped dramatically in the age of email and texting and the Postal Service has not addressed this new reality. The agency is the country’s second largest civilian employer after Wal-Mart with more than 500,000 employees.

The Postal Service has a monopoly on first class mail, which private entities such as FedEx and UPS cannot deliver.

If Congress does privatize postal services, the cost for mail class is likely to increase dramatically. As will the cost of delivering to rural areas. The USPS must, by law, deliver mail to everyone, regardless of location. FedEx and UPS pays the postal service to make deliveries in areas considered less profitable.


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