Congressman Allen West Official Statement 9/29/11 A Terrorist is dead


Statement on the Killing of Al Qaeda Terrorist Anwar Awlaki  (WASHINGTON)


Congressman Allen West (FL-22) released this statement today on the killing of Al Qaeda terrorist Anwar Awlaki:

“Today,  the networks of Al Qaeda and other radical Jihadist organizations across the world have taken a major blow.  Anwar Awlaki has been killed in a joint intelligence and military operation with United States and Yemeni forces.  Awlaki utilized Social Media and the internet to reach millions of young “Jihadists in training,” with his You Tube videos and other means of communication.  Because he was American born, he was an essential part of Al Qaeda’s mission to recruit American citizens in their terrorist vision for the world.   Not only was Awlaki behind failed attempts to blow up American airplanes, he was known to have inspired Major Nidal Malik Hasan to allegedly kill 13 people at Fort Hood, Texas in late 2009.

“I congratulate the United States intelligence and military in this very important successful operation.  The killing of Awlaki reinforces the advantage of strike operations over nation building occupation warfare on the 21st century battlefield.  As we celebrate today, let us not become complacent, as there is still much work to be done to rid the world of this evil radical Islamic idealogy. Let Awlaki’s death be a signal that Al Qaeda, and all terrorist networks and their allies will be destroyed.  No matter how long it takes or where they are hiding, they will be hunted down and killed.”

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