Via Conservative Diva “TONIGHT 6PM BOYNTON BEACH! protesting Allen West


TONIGHT…6PM…BOYNTON BEACH! plans to protest  Allen West Townhall….we must all come out to support him!
Here is the info….
Wednesday, September 28th
6 – 7 pm *will be kept to 1 hour b/c of Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah
Saint Mark Catholic School
730 NE 6th Avenue
(Enter on St. Mark Place, off of Federal Highway)
Boynton Beach
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3 responses to “Via Conservative Diva “TONIGHT 6PM BOYNTON BEACH! protesting Allen West

  1. Call in our War Heroes to circle the event and physically block out those that need a one way ticket out of this country.

  2. I hope everybody realizes that if is protesting actually means he’s doing something RIGHT! It means he’s reaching the masses and Soros lemmings are irritated that Mr. West is eroding away at the brainwashed masses.

    Keep up the GREAT works!

    And for anyone wanting to send a message to the Dems…start mailing every single one a copy of Atlas Shrugged…or read it yourself for an amazingly well crafted tale….If every politician advocating “making it fair” got 1000 of these a week they would eventually read it!