Conservative Republican? Really? by KrisAnne Hall

September 27, 2011

My dear friend, Frantz Kebreau, has dedicated his life to saving of America…twice.  The first time, Frantz pledged his life for our country as a member of the United States Air Force.  More recently, he put his life on hold, sacrificing his career and time with his family to travel this country to teach us all the importance of a color-blind society.  His call is an honorable one, and he is not alone.  My heart is stirred by several others, who have become dear friends, as well.  Pastor C.L. Bryant has given his life to “warn the world of economic slavery, to unlock the shackles of tyranny by teaching Liberty” through his message and his film, Runaway Slave.  My new friend, K. Carl Smith, founder of the Conservative MESSENGER, dedicated his life to advancing the message and movement of the Frederick Douglass Republicans.  There are so many more that fight daily to save America from tyranny and convince us not to give into the chains and slavery of racism and class warfare. 

Given my belief in these dear men and their mission, you can imagine how my heart wept over the statement Florida Commissioner of Agriculture made to reporters recently.   Mr. Putnam stated that he was “disappointed” in the current composition of the Department of Agriculture, indicating his Agriculture Department being 78 percent white was “not acceptable”.  I fail to understand how he can simply look at the “color” of his employees and determine that their employment is “not acceptable.”  Is Mr. Putnam saying that the Commissioners of Agriculture before him engaged in discriminatory hiring practices?  Is Mr. Putnam saying that he can look at the color of someone’s skin and determine that they are not qualified for a job?  I would not consider this a historically Republican thought process. 

Mr. Putnam made the statement to reporters, “I was disappointed, but not shocked,” Putnam said of the department’s demographics. “I came into this knowing we weren’t where we need to be.”  Funny, I don’t remember Mr. Putnam mentioning affirmative action principles as a platform for his election to the Commissioner of Agriculture in 2010. I was fairly active in that election term, attending many rallies across the state, hearing many campaign stump speeches, even hearing the same speeches multiple times.   I had heard Mr. Putnam speak in many forums; he is quite a dynamic speaker, actually.  However, I never heard him express his disappointment with the racial composition of the Department of Agriculture, nor did I ever hear him campaign that he was going to make it his mission to “diversify” the Department.  As a matter of fact, Mr. Putnam ran a campaign on conservative Republican principles, I am SURE that if this had been a campaign promise made by Mr. Putnam, it would have been something of great interest.


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