Should The Republicans Draft Bibi For President 2012 – by Peter Paton – Conservative Papers

By Peter Paton

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin ” Bibi ” Netanyahu is popularly seen by many on the right as the spiritual leader of the Republicans, due to his ultra Conservative background and very strong links to US Congressmen and Senators of many year’s standing.The former Israeli Ambassador to the UN has longstanding and deep political links to America and the GOP, and is viewed by discerning political commentators as the great unifier and leader of Israeli and American Conservatism

The dashing, handsome and highly articulate Bibi is hailed by American Conservatives as the charismatic and telegenic Jewish leader who best epitomises the political virtues and graces that define American Conservatism, and which represent the true values and dictates of the Republican Party. Bibi the Conqueror, twice Prime Minister of the State of Israel, and lauded for his incomparable oratorical skills and talents, his swashbuckling past in the elite special forces unit of the IDF Sayeret Matkal, and his strong Pennsylvanian American upbringing and Harvard education. It has not gone lost on many people, that Bibi has what it takes, to cross the Rubicon and become the      45 th President of the United States.


Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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